Baunbaek & Lyn Leather


You’ll find Lotte and Jesper grafting away in the workshop. We’re the hands and hearts behind Baunbaek & Lyn.

At our small country house in the town of Vester Skerninge in South Funen, we renovated an old barn and converted it into a workshop. This where we start making our products, before finishing them off at our shop in Svendborg.

We make belts, braces, sandals, aprons and accessories.


We make our belts from solid, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather. Produced without the use of chemicals, vegetable-tanned leather also acquires a much more beautiful patina than traditional, chrome-tanned leather.

All our buckles are made of 100% pure brass and are, of course, nickel free.

We like to keep our designs simple and timeless. That’s because we make our belts to last for many years to come.

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Our classic, tried-and-tested leather sandals date back to the 1970s.

A good friend and colleague, a leather craftsman for almost 50 years, helped us out when we started making our sandals. Though we changed a few details to make the design our own, the comfort, the durability and the strap that can be adjusted to accommodate a particular foot are still the same.

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In the workshop we also make aprons and small leather goods.


You can see all our products in our webshop. Here you can also find carefully selected gentlemen’s shoes, clothes and accessories.

Right now we can only ship to Denmark and Sweden, and our website is only in Danish.